2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE is electric E-Class equivalent – Autocar

Over-the-air system updates and upgrades will be available from launch, offering enhanced features such as the ‘Roaring Pulse’ sound mode (which gives the option of a “large-volume combustion engine” soundtrack), specially developed driving modes for young drivers and technicians, in-built video games and uprated headlight technology. 

The flat-floored EQE also goes without a transmission tunnel, instead adopting a floating centre console, which is mirrored by a similar set on the door panels with controls for the seats and doors. 

Mercedes claims the EQE is “one of the very best vehicles in its class” when it comes to noise reduction. A foam coating fills various cavities and insulates the electric motors to reduce wind and drivetrain noise, as do bespoke uprated seals for the door handles, mirrors and windows. There is also a subtle trim element at the base of the A-pillar that reduces noise, improves airflow and helps to keep the side windows clean. 


Two variants will be available from launch: the EQE 350, with 288bhp and 391lb ft on tap from its rear-mounted motor, and an as yet undisclosed second drivetrain option. Performance details remain under wraps, but Mercedes says the motor’s permanent magnets ensure “high power density, high efficiency and high power constancy”. 

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