Boris Johnson acts the goat as he makes green pitch to trillionaires –

As Bill and Boris sat down on a pair of Natwest chairs for a chat about green concrete, the PM seemed briefly to zone out; miles away, perhaps, with Rebecca Rabbit and Suzy Sheep, flying a kite on the Sussex Downs. Back in the room, Bill was being very negative for someone so rich: it’s all going to cost a lot of money, he said, and the tech isn’t there yet. “I was talking to somebody,” interjected the PM, he wasn’t sure who, “who was saying the offshore windfarm was like a licence to print money”. Bill smiled.

“Good job, good job,” said the PM, summing up the gist of the discussion if not its precise content – and the UK would like the world to know that we accept all credit cards, including American Express.

Later, as the delegates drove through the gates at Windsor Castle, one can imagine a nervous executive asking: “Is this where they sacrifice the goats?”     

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