BP issues E10 fuel warning as they urge incompatible vehicles to keep using old petrol – Daily Express

BP has warned owners of vehicles that are not compatible with the new fuel should “keep using” E5 petrol. They also urged road users to check whether their vehicle can run on the new fuel by checking online before topping up.

In a statement online, BP said: “All petrol cars manufactured after 2011 can use E10.

“To check if your vehicle is one of the few petrol vehicles that can’t run on E10 petrol, you should use the Government’s E10 vehicle checker

“Petrol vehicles and equipment not compatible with E10 will need to keep using petrol containing no more than five percent ethanol.

“That’s the ‘super’ grade petrol, labelled as E5, which is BP Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology at BP sites.”

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They warned ”prolonged” use” of E10 petrol in an incompatible vehicle could cause harm and was |not recommended”.

However, accidentally topping up with E10 or only adding a small amount “should not be a major problem”.

BP added: “If you need to refuel but there is no E5 petrol available, you could refuel with the minimum amount of E10 and then fill up with E5 as soon as possible.”

The RAC has previously warned up to 600,000 vehicles may be incompatible with the new E10 fuel.

In general, they confirmed vehicles built after 2011 should be able to run the new petrol.

E10 petrol was introduced earlier this September in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions on the road.

It’s believed the new fuel could cut CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes which would be the equivalent of removing 350,000 cars from the road.

Hagerty has previously said Department for Transport tests on the new petrol identified a range of issues when added to incompatible vehicles.

These problems include degradation to the car’s fuel hoses, blocked fuel filters and corroded carburettors.

They also identified blocked injectors and corrosion of fuel tanks as major issues.

Hagerty also warned rubber would be particularly affected by the new fuel. 

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