Britain ‘can overtake EU in hydrogen energy race’ –

Germany may struggle to make green hydrogen, however, Mr Alverà added.

“Today Germany runs on coal, nuclear and diesel and doesn’t have a lot of sun. It has some access to wind … [but] it’s nothing like the UK or Ireland. And the people in Germany don’t want onshore wind because it’s … very densely populated.”

The Snam chief executive continued: “So Germany has to get out of coal, get out of nuclear, get out of diesel. It has to import massive amounts of renewable energy.”

If the UK becomes a leader in hydrogen production, Germany could be dependent on Britain for a large amount of its renewable energy, Mr Alverà’s said.

Last month the Government pledged to unlock £4bn of investment in hydrogen as part of Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan for a “green industrial revelution”.

Ministers said a UK-wide hydrogen economy could support 9,000 jobs by 2030 with the energy source powering transport, heavy industry and homes.

Government analysis suggests that just over a third of the UK’s energy consumption could be hydrogen-based by 2050.

Mr Alverà said the a network of pipes under the North Sea, originally built to transport natural gas, would put the UK at a further advantage: “[It’s] like Disney.”

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