Coronavirus latest news: Holidaymakers caught in ‘race to the bottom’ for PCR tests, regulator warns –

Introducing Covid-19 vaccine passports in the UK could see people who are willing to get vaccinated do so more quickly, but have the reverseeffect upon those who have concerns, a new large study suggests.

Respondents were asked their intent to receive a vaccination, and if vaccine passports were introduced for domestic or international use, how would this impact their decision.

Overall, the study found that passports may lower vaccination inclination by 3.6 per cent if introduced for domestic use and 1.7 per cent for international use. Younger adults, black / black British groups and non-English speakers stated lower inclination to vaccinate than others if passports were introduced.

This was also the case for those employed part time and looking after the home or family.

The research was published in EClinicalMedicine and led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and St Andrews University, involving a survey of more than 16,000 UK adults in April 2021.

The researchers call for further evidence on the impact of restrictions requiring vaccine certification. 

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