Driver loses £33,000 after We Buy Any Car refuses to buy his car – Birmingham Live

A driver says he has lost £33,000 – after We Buy Any Car, er, failed to buy his car.

Pandi Qerreti, 44, was expecting £33,097.25 for his Mercedes Benz.

He arranged to sell the Merc to the service on September 16, reports Hull Live.

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But he was informed over the phone and on email that the purchase had been cancelled and he must “immediately pick up the car”.

The government then e-mailed him later that day, informing him: “DVLA have been notified electronically that you have sold/transferred this vehicle into the motor trade and are no longer the keeper.”

The application to change ownership details came on September 17, at 11am.

Mr Qerreti says he still hasn’t received any of the promised money, one week after first contacting We Buy Any Car, and has also not picked up the vehicle after being told he’s no longer the owner.

The car Pandi Qerreti was trying to sell
The car Pandi Qerreti was trying to sell

He is “stressed and disappointed” by the experience, he added.

He added: “They checked the car before, they checked me a while before, they should know.

“They wasted my time. I want to highlight the case to warn others.”

Mr Qerreti says he received an email on the morning of September 17 from We Buy Any Car, saying they were cancelling his purchase because they believed him to be a car dealer.

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The email, as seen by Hull Live, said: “From a review of the documentation and information we have found about you, we have identified that your business is in the buying and selling of vehicles.

“As you have also been in possession of this vehicle for a very short period of time, we reasonably believe therefore that you are selling this vehicle in the general course of business.”

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