E10 fuel additives can protect cars from the corrosion risks of new petrol – Express

David Kaiser, spokesperson for Liqui Moly said an additive would offer “very, very good” protection against metal parts and aluminium if drivers top-up with the new petrol. He said additives use “special molecules” which “stick to the surface of the metal” to offer protection to key parts.

“The metal parts, aluminium for example or a steel tank.

“It protects the tank, it protects the fuel pump, it protects the injectors and all the engine parts that are in contact with the fuel.

“How does the additive do this? The additive has special molecules inside and they stick to the surface of the metal.

“They form a very thin layer and this layer protects against contact with water.”

“In Germany, we have fuel without any ethanol, we have E5 and we have E10.

“When I drive longer distances, normally I take E10 as a fuel, why? The ethanol has a high evaporation, so it need a lot of heat to evaporate.

“The cooling of the inlet valves is better when you operate the car with E10.

“But the Super 7 has an aluminium tank and E10 is a little bit corrosive with aluminium.

“When I take the E10 I normally use an additive to protect the tank against this corrosion.”

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