Empty supermarket shelves as supply chains hit for everything from baby wipes to cereal – The Mirror

Covid and Brexit and a resulting critical shortage of lorry drivers has been blamed for holding up deliveries to major stores, meaning many family favourites are missing or in short supply

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Thornberry slams Government’s Brexit positivity amid food shortages

Some supermarket shelves are appearing a little emptier in stores across the country thanks to supply chain issues and a shortage of lorry drivers.

It comes as Covid and Brexit are being blamed for holding up deliveries, meaning many family favourites are missing or in short supply.

The lorry crisis has led desperate firms to dramatically increase wages and offer starter incentives in recent weeks in hopes of attracting new drivers to plug the gaps.

Stores have warned people to expect issues in the coming weeks and months.

Ian Wright, outgoing chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, warns the supply issues will ‘only get worse’ following the pandemic.

Empty cereal shelves at a Tesco store in Hull


Hull Live WS)

He added: “The UK shopper could have previously expected just about every product they want to be on shelf or in the restaurant all the time.

“That’s over and I don’t think it’s coming back.”

In one city alone, a Hull Live reporter, Lucy Marshall, found a number of shelves across different stories were lacking.

In Tesco St Stephen’s a number of the shelves were bare, with some popular items scarce.

There was no issues when it came to fresh food including food, vegetables, meat, and fish. Likewise sweets, tinned items, and dried goods such as pasta were stocked well.

Washing products also seemed in short supply


Hull Live WS)

There seemed to be huge gaps on the shelves when it came to popular drinks


Hull Live WS)

But there seemed to be huge gaps on the shelves when it came to popular drinks. The sparkling water shelves were completely bare, with both plain and flavoured options unavailable.

What’s more carton juices including apple and orange had great gaps in the shelves, as well as kids’ juice boxes, and fruit shoots.

There was short supply of Robinsons Fruit and Barley Orange in litre bottles, as well as a short supply of dandelion and burdock. Litres bottles of fizzy drinks were also low in stock.

Choices of washing up tablets were scarce. The shelves were not empty but there was a significant lack of products.

The cereal isle was likely the emptiest of all; there was only one packet of frosted Shreddies left, and there a severe lack of Jack’s cornflakes.

Semi-empty cleaning products shelves in Asda supermarket, in Liverpool


Daily Mirror)

The mayonnaise section was a mess and it was apparent there is a severe shortage.

The meal deals seemed to be in a normal state but the hot food counter was completely empty.

Asda on Hessle Road had a lot less shortages than Tesco, but nonetheless were short on some essential items.

There were no Pampers baby wipes available to buy around 2pm on Friday afternoon.

What’s more juice was also on thin ground here – with squash flavoured drinks in short supply.

There was a sign by the fruit juices saying that items were completely out of stock – including apple juice.

One man who works in Hull reported he was stocking up on his items before they “vanished” from Morrison’s in Anlaby.

A woman wearing a face mask near empty fruit and veg shelves in an ASDA in Cardiff


Getty Images)

He was shocked to see some of the shelves were empty, and grabbed his firm favourites – sparkling water and Coca Cola.

But, he was unable to pick up some essential items earlier this week – leaving his fridge “bare”.

He recalls there was grand amounts of Coca Cola Zero available in Morrison’s, but a slim supply of standard Coca Cola.

Additionally he said that there was a shortage of sponges and shelves were “generally quite empty”.

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