Facebook goes down again weeks after global eight hour outage – Birmingham Live

Facebook appears to have gone down for some users AGAIN on Thursday.

The outage for some comes weeks after a dramatic eight hour shutdown across the globe.

The social networking giant has appeared to stop for hundreds on October 28.

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It is understood to be nowhere near the mass scale outage we experienced earlier this month.

At that time, Facebook went down for eight hours – with WhatsApp and Instagram, two social media platforms owned by the Mark Zuckerberg social networking giant, also impacted.

On Thursday, DownDetector is reporting hundreds of complaints from people who can’t seem to access Facebook.

The social networking platform is crucial for many businesses worldwide, and also allows millions to stay connected with family and friends.

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In the wake of the eight hour shutdown earlier this month, Zuckerberg issued an apology.

His company has faced controversy recently after a whistleblower made headlines worldwide.

The company is also under pressure to stop misinformation and also stop anonymous accounts abusing people.

Today it was confirmed Facebook has recorded profits of nine billion dollars (£6.5 billion) in the three months to September.

The huge sum of profits comes despite allegations that it is failing to protect young people and prevent extremism.

The social media platform is rivalled by the likes of Twitter.

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