Ford Mustang Mach 1 2021 UK review – Autocar

It lacks the torque of turbocharged rivals, but acceleration is linear, plentiful and perfectly in tune with your pedal inputs. The combination is what makes the Mustang so appealing to so many, and that remains true here.

Equally impressive are the Mach 1’s road manners. You don’t need to be on the limit to appreciate its improved control weights, and in its most comfortable setting the adaptive suspension copes well with most road surfaces and feels rather relaxed at a motorway cruise. The sportier modes let you feel every imperfection through your backside, but you’ll want to swap when the roads allow to get the best from it. Just be prepared for the thirst that comes with exuberant use: after a track session, a full tank of fuel indicated 83 miles remaining.

Inside, things haven’t changed much from the Mustang GT, with some aluminium trim and a cue ball shift knob being the only real additions for the Mach 1. The digital instrument cluster perfectly blends modern technology and old-school analogue dials, but elsewhere you get hard-moulded plastics, an overabundance of dashboard switches and buttons, and a Sync 3 infotainment touchscreen that’s rather compact and graphically basic. The cabin is still roomy, with four usable seats and plenty of storage, but anyone expecting a certain level of material quality from a fifty grand sports car might be disappointed.

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