Fuel crisis: Asda imposes £30 cap at 11 NI filling stations – Belfast Telegraph

Asda has implemented a temporary £30 cap on buying fuel at its 11 filling stations in Northern Ireland in response to panic buying in the rest of the UK.

he measure was introduced over the weekend and will be regularly reviewed, a spokesperson for the retailer told the Belfast Telegraph.

Is is understood Tesco has not implemented a cap at its forecourts here with the retailer insisting on Tuesday it has a “good availability of fuel”.

Despite government assurances there is no issue with fuel supply, panic buying of petrol continued on Tuesday with retailers in Great Britain warning filling stations continue to run dry.

Long queues have once again reported outside stations, after the Government announced it was putting the Army on standby in an effort to ensure supplies were maintained.

Scenes of motorists in tailbacks in England and other parts of GB dominated media reports at the weekend, with drivers waiting hours to get the pumps.

There have no widespread reports of similar experiences in Northern Ireland, and oil companies have said they expect the pressure on forecourts to ease in the coming days.

Asda has 17 stores across Northern Ireland with petrol stations at 11 locations: Antrim, Newtownards, Ballyclare, Coleraine, Enniskillen, Omagh, Bangor, Cookstown, Portadown, Downpatrick and Strabane.

The spokesperson said: “To ensure as many customers as possible can refuel, we have put a temporary limit of £30 per transaction on our forecourts.

“We can reassure our customers that we have good levels of fuel supply and our sites will continue to receive deliveries daily. We ask that our customers be respectful of each other and our colleagues as we work through this period of increased demand.”

It is understood that although a £30 cap is in place, customers are not limited in how many fuel transactions they can make each visit.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Tesco said: “We have good availability of fuel, and we’re working really hard to ensure regular deliveries to our petrol filling stations across the UK every day”.

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