Heathrow in dogfight with airlines over plans to double airport charges – Telegraph.co.uk

Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye has previously claimed that the airport would “supercharge the Government’s ‘Global Britain’ ambitions” by being a cornerstone of the country’s trade post-Brexit.

Mr Walsh said: “This cynical move by Heathrow highlights the hypocrisy of their claims.”

The prospect of increased charges will increase the cost of a holiday for many Britons seeking to escape after months stuck at home because of more stringent travel requirements than those on the European Continent.

Earlier this month Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary warned that holiday prices are likely to rise sharply next year as fewer flights, inflation and higher taxes drive fares up.

The new price regime also risks deterring holidaymakers less than 48 hours after the Government’s  controversial traffic light scheme was abolished.

The industry is now seeking support from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which determines the overall level of profit that Heathrow can make under a complex regulatory framework. Sources said that the CAA will announce its own proposals within the next few weeks. Industry insiders suggested that this could scupper Heathrow’s pricing plan.

A spokesman for Heathrow said: “We’re currently consulting with airlines and we welcome their feedback. We have reduced our prices by over 16pc during the past seven years, providing excellent value for money.

“Our proposal is balanced and represents an increase of around 4pc to average ticket prices. The proposed changes will stem current losses and ensure we can deliver the level of service and reliability that our passengers and airlines expect.”

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