How to serve Christmas dinner from the freezer –

Forget the fact that optimistic meteorologists have promised us a mini “heatwave” this coming weekend. Even as the sun offers up its last hurrah, for some it’s time to start preparing for Christmas.

Not least because of the prospect of food shortages thanks to the ongoing supply chain crisis. Indeed, this week Aldi reported that panic-buying Britons are already stockpiling for the festive season, with the budget supermarket selling 1,500 frozen turkey crowns a day and pudding sales up 45 per cent. Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer has revealed that sales of its frozen Christmas food have rocketed by 500 per cent compared with last year, with more than 25,000 turkeys sold by the start of this month.

But it’s only October, for heaven’s sake! And whether you’re given to panic or premeditation, is it really possible to take the heavy lifting out of Christmas Day before we’ve even turned the clocks back?

Kate Hall, 35, a home cooking consultant and food waste advocate, thinks so. The Bromley-based mother-of-two runs The Full Freezer, which works with individuals, groups and corporations and brands to offer advice on how to safely freeze and cook from frozen, to reduce food waste. Now she has launched The Stress Free Christmas-Dinner, a downloadable collection of savvy tips and recipes to take all the pressure out of Yuletide preparations.

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