Huge Sky TV upgrade is launching soon as firm reveals Its almost time – Express

Sky has shared another teaser ahead of its blockbuster launch event next month. The satellite telly company hinted earlier this month that something “magical” would be revealed in October, and now it’s teased that “it’s almost time” for customers to find out exactly what the teams at Sky have been working on.

In a message that’s just been mailed out to media – including – Sky said, “Hello, It’s almost time. The magic is about to be revealed.”

Along with that tease, Sky has again confirmed that everything will be unveiled on October 7 2021. As well as this invite, the satellite telly firm has also released a short clip on YouTube that continues the magical theme with a quote from Arthur C. Clarke that reads, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

So, what could all this hype actually mean for customers?

It’s unclear whether Sky is planning to upgrade its award-winning Q box, add new features to its remote or launch a swathe of new channels and content. One rumour that’s picking up some serious steam is that Sky is finally planning to launch its new set-top box that doesn’t need a dish stuck to walls.

Since 2017, the firm has been promising a major upgrade that would allow customers to access this popular platform, which offers pin-sharp 4K content and the option to record numerous channels at once, through a broadband connection. This option is already available in Germany and the UK could be next on the list. recently revealed that this TV through broadband update, dubbed the Sky Q IP Box, was being trialled in some British homes.

All channels are beamed straight to TVs via an internet connection with the box able to broadcast in full HD quality – our source has also revealed that Ultra HD may also be available soon.

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There’s also the option to record up to 1,000 hours of telly via the cloud and there are all the usual options including access to Sky Cinema, Sports and Entertainment. Another nice feature of the Sky Q IP Box is that it’s a lot smaller than the standard device which should mean it fits neatly under the telly.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Sky has in store but, if you want to know more then there are only a few weeks left to wait.

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