Hunt for husband who punched nurse for vaccinating his wife without his consent – The Mirror

The man, from Quebec, Canada, could not understand that his permission was not needed for the jab, and proceeded to run away after punching the woman in the face

A nurse at Brunet pharmacy in Quebec was punched in the face for vaccinating his wife

A man is being hunted for after he attacked a nurse who gave his wife a Covid vaccine without his permission.

The man from Quebec, Canada told the staff at Brunet pharmacy that they needed his consent before his wife received the jab. He could not understand that this was not the case.

Pharmacy staff stated that they did not need anyone’s permission but the person who was receiving the vaccine.

The police are now looking for the man, who allegedly punched a nurse on the morning of Monday 20, CBC reports.

A police spokesperson, Martin Carrier, said: “The man quickly accuses the nurse of vaccinating his wife without [his] consent and then hits her several times to the face.”

According to Carrier, the man made a run for it after assaulting the woman, and the police are now looking for him.

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The nurse, 40, had to go to hospital to treat injuries to her face.

She had a possible concussion and is currently recovering at home.

The man is said to be around 35-years-old, six-foot tall and of a medium build.

A president of an association representing pharmacists in their own store, Benoit Morin, commented on the matter: “I was very, very surprised to hear that.

“When we have discussions with customers, it’s one-on-one with the patient.

“We don’t need the family approval, so I don’t know what happened, or where this thing comes from.”

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