Incredibly narrow London home thats just 13-foot wide is up for sale for £800K – The Mirror

A flat is currently for sale in a building so narrow that it resembles a film prop, but due to it’s excellent location it is on the market for a staggering £800,000

A narrow house in London
The house looks very narrow from the outside (


An incredibly narrow home in London that measures just 13 feet from side to side has gone up for sale for an eye-watering £800,000.

Located in Kensington and Chelsea, the property looks stunning and is immaculate on the inside, and being in the desired area there will probably be plenty of viewings.

But those with lots of possessions will probably want to give it a miss, as at its widest part the building is just 13 feet from front to back.

The flat is now up for sale with Purple Bricks for £800,000, and thankfully the designer has been quite clever with the layout so there’s plenty of room for storage.

Inside it doesn’t look too narrow, and the bedrooms are easily big enough for a double bed



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From the outside, the building looks like it could be a setting in a film – almost as if there is only the front of a house, with no rooms inside.

But inside it appears to be much bigger, with clean white walls large bay windows giving it an uncluttered feel.

Inside, it has two double bedrooms, a large living room, a shower room, and out back there is a little garden.

Located in Thurloe Square, the flat is in a very desirable setting and is directly opposite a park and is close to the South Kensington tube station, as The Sun reports.

Recently, England’s ‘thinnest house’ measuring just 1.66 metres at its narrowest point went up for sale for £950,000.

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The property is wedged neatly between a doctor’s surgery and a shuttered hairdressing salon in Shepherds Bush in the west of the capital.

It has five floors and measures a total of 1034 square metres – and is described as having a “unique charm”.

“Unique, beautiful, stylish and quite probably the thinnest house in England. So much more than a home,” the description reads on the ad.

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