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You can have great fun on classifieds sites comparing MG TFs, which are wonderfully all over the place, because they would be: £1500 for a clean one near me, £8500 for an apparently perfect low-miler.

Meanwhile, want to know the part-exchange price? Simply sign up to one of those companies that will buy any old shed.

Anyway, I’m launching Ruppert’s Price Guide this week, but I will save you dear Autocar readers the £55 that it will cost. It’s 500 pages thick, all of which are blank, except the first one, which has just the one sentence on it: “That car is worth only what someone will pay for it.”

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Great news this week: the Baby Shark is back home. I had to get on my pushbike to collect her, which shows my level of commitment and hopefully my fitness. I was expecting the garage to suggest that my Poland-sourced exhaust pipe didn’t fit, but obviously it did. The car passed its MOT test, although the certificate went missing, so I must check out any advisories. I know I can do that online, but paper is real; I believe what I read on that. As well as a fluid change, the offside front track-rod end and offside front lower arm were replaced, which does seem to have sharpened things up a bit.

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