KPMG aims for a third of its staff to be working class – The Times

The accounting and consulting firm KPMG has become the first big business in Britain to set a target for the number of working-class staff.

It is aiming for 29 per cent of its partners and directors to come from the social group by 2030. It defined working class as having parents with “routine and manual” jobs, such as plumbers, electricians, butchers and van drivers.

All its 16,000 employees will receive training on “invisible barriers” that exist for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. The firm said that 23 per cent of its 582 partners and 20 per cent of its 1,297 directors were from working-class backgrounds. Those from such backgrounds were typically paid 8.6 per cent less than those whose parents worked in “higher managerial, administrative

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