More mixed weather as todays rain clears to leave sunny spells midweek – Netweather

Rest of the week

With a ridge of high pressure over the British Isles, Wednesday and Thursday look like being relatively quiet and settled, though not necessarily particularly warm or sunny. On Wednesday some weak fronts will push eastwards through Scotland, bringing quite a cloudy day with some scattered showers for central and northern parts of Scotland and in the east of Northern Ireland. Some isolated showers will develop over England and Wales, particularly the east of England, but here most places will stay dry.

A weak ridge of high pressure on Wednesday

The southern half of England in particular will see increasing amounts of sunshine during Wednesday, and this region will see the highest temperatures, reaching 20 to 22C in some southern spots close to the English Channel coast. Elsewhere, highs of 16 to 18C will be typical, except in north-west Scotland, where, under persistently cloudy skies, temperatures will typically get no higher than 15C.

The ridge of high pressure will hold on for Thursday, which will be a warmer and sunnier day for much of England, with highs of 22 to 24C in parts of the south-east, particularly around London. Again some isolated showers will break out, these most likely to turn up in northern parts of England, but most places will stay dry.

Friday will stay dry with some sunny spells for eastern parts of the country, but rain will push into most western areas and will become slow-moving over Northern Ireland, western Scotland, Wales and south-west England.

Rain moving into western areas on Friday

The weekend looks set to have weak rain belts moving slowly from west to east, particularly across the south, but generally just small amounts of rain, and many parts of northern and eastern Britain will stay dry. Sunshine amounts over the weekend look set to be variable rather than plentiful.

Further afield

The latest concern in the Atlantic hurricane season is Tropical Storm Nicholas which has recently been upgraded to a hurricane. It has recently made landfall in Texas and is currently bringing heavy rain to Texas and Louisiana. This has led Joe Biden to declare a state of emergency in Louisiana, as this is just a week after Hurricane Ida caused considerable disruption and left many residents without power (reports of over a million residents without power in Louisiana).

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