Mum watched son, 2, change colour after eating Morrisons chicken – Liverpool Echo

A mum has described the “terrifying” moment she said she watched her two-year-old son turn a “funny colour” after eating a piece of chicken from Morrisons.

Steph Lunt, 29, from St Helens said she feared what could have happened to her son Larry as he struggled to swallow the piece of diced chicken as the family sat eating their tea.

The mum-of-three said she suspects a bone may have been inside the chicken piece but Morrisons has confirmed an investigation is underway to establish if that was the case.

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Steph told the ECHO: “It was terrifying. We were all sitting eating our food last night and I noticed something wasn’t right with Larry.

“I put my food down and went to see what was up and then I realised that he was choking. I knew I had cut his food up small, so I didn’t know what he could be choking on.

“He was going a funny colour and he couldn’t speak or anything. I started panicking as I was on my own with Larry and my two other children. The time just seemed so much longer.”

She added: “When your child is choking, seconds feel like hours. You have visions of horrible things.”

Thankfully, Steph managed to remove the chicken piece from her son’s throat but realised it was cut.

After contacting Morrisons the next day, Steph said she was disappointed by the supermarket’s response.

She said: “They basically said there is nothing we can do, all we can do is apologise and asked if I want a £10 voucher?

Steph Lunt, 29, from St Helens saw son Larry Oakshoot turn a 'funny colour' as he choked while eating chicken
Steph Lunt, 29, from St Helens said she saw son Larry Oakshoot turn a ‘funny colour’ as he choked while eating chicken
(Image: Steph Lunt)

“What’s that going to do? I don’t want a shopping voucher.”

She added: “Choking is one of my worst fears. It’s just scary thinking what could have happened to him.”

A spokesperson for Morrisons confirmed they are currently investigating the incident and were unable to comment at this time.

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