New Gmail and Outlook threat: You must delete these emails NOW, experts warn – Express

The emails, which come from fake ASDA, Morrisons and Tesco accounts look incredibly real with official branding and logos making it easy to see how people can be duped.

Explaining more about this new threat George Martin, Conversation Editor at Which?, said: Back in June we covered a fake email purporting to be from Sainsbury’s promising a £90 ‘promo reward’ for taking part in a marketing survey. Sainsbury’s confirmed it was nothing to do with it.

“Since then we’ve been made aware that these emails haven’t stopped at just one supermarket – fraudsters are using the same tactics by posing as the UK’s most well-known shops in order to gain your trust and send you on to potentially dangerous websites.”

Speaking to Which? about the issues, a Morrisons spokesperson said: “These social media posts are designed by third-parties posting as Morrisons, for the purpose of fraudulent activity. Please do not click any links, open attachments or enter personal information. This is not a genuine post from Morrisons.”

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