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A huge new ice cream farm has opened not far from Liverpool – with incredible views of one of Cheshire’s most famous landmarks.

The family-run Bidlea Dairy in Twemlow, near Holmes Chapel, only started making ice cream five months ago but had a huge response through lockdown with people queuing out of their farm yard to get hold of the tasty cones, reports the MEN .

At the start of August they opened the adjoining Ice Cream Farm with cafe, viewing area and milk stations – with milk vending machines also opening soon.

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Bidlea Ice Cream Farm has opened with a new seating area and viewing platform where you can eat ice cream while looking out across rolling fields and on to the famous Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Visitors can also meet the farm’s resident highland cows and recent new calf arrivals – with the farm ultimately planning to offer a full nature park for kids to meet farm animals to open by the spring.

Customers can choose from a raft of daily changing flavours of ice cream, the likes of Biscoff, white chocolate rocky road, lemon and ginger, honeycomb, blackcurrant liquorice and unicorn.

For fans of the more traditional styles there’s also rum and raisin, raspberry ripple and mint choc chip – with single scoops for £2.50 or double scoops for £3.50.

And there’s even a lactose-free dog Ice cream available for £2.50 a pot for those with four-legged friends who are welcome at the farm.

Bidlea Dairy Ice Cream Farm
Bidlea Dairy Ice Cream Farm
(Image: MEN)

There are also big two litre tubs you can take away for £7.50 and currently the ice cream is only available from the farm itself.

The delve into ice cream has been part of a turnaround at The Orchards Farm, which is run by Ray and Jill Brown and their sons Adam and Ryan, along with their wives, both called Becky.

It wasn’t until 10 years ago that the Brown family began to start processing and pasteurising their own milk, creating an adjoining dairy on Twemlow Lane.

When lockdown came into force in March 2020, demand for fresh milk surged and Bidlea partnered with local delivery surfaces across Cheshire to get their product directly to customers.

They’ve now gone from a herd of 25 cows to 330 and have surged from supplying 2,000 litres a week before lockdown, to now 35,000 litres every week. The idea to do ice cream came as another knock-on from lockdown.

Bidlea Dairy Ice Cream Farm
Bidlea Dairy Ice Cream Farm
(Image: MEN)

The farm’s Adam Brown, 33, who runs the dairy side of the business with wife Becky, 29, said: “The only reason we started with ice cream is because when all the pubs and restaurants had to close we were having to pour a lot of our cream down the drain.

“We thought why don’t we do something with it and the idea for ice cream was born.

“We saw an opportunity, and now, well it’s just gone crazy.”

They invested in ice cream equipment and started to experiment with flavours before launching their product just five months ago.

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And just via word of mouth and social media, crowds began to head to the farm for the artisan ice cream.

The family had always planned to develop the other side of the dairy into a farm shop, but having seen the demand for ice cream, pressed ahead to get the café and shop all open for the end of summer. It officially opened at the start of August.

Adam said: “Long term there will be a full farm shop, indoor café and milk station, as well as the 24 hour milk vending machines.

“We are also getting a nature park ready with sheep and ducks, with a track in for kids to come and explore and we’re hoping that will be ready by the spring.”

They are making the most of the farm’s stunning views across the Cheshire countryside and to the local landmark of Jodrell Bank, with the cafe’s outdoor area and upper seating platform all boasting stunning views.

Adam added: “We are so lucky with our spot here and having such a beautiful local landmark close by.

“It’s taken a fair bit of money to get this all together but we’re investing for the future, that’s the plan.”

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