No phones and stay put: Easyjet passengers kept on plane for two hours in security operation at Belfast International Airport – Belfast Telegraph

Passengers were kept on board a flight for two hours for security reasons when the aircraft landed in Belfast on Sunday evening.

he security operation took place after Easyjet flight EZY839 from Gatwick arrived in Belfast International Airport around 9.30pm

Passengers said police officers boarded the aircraft, while others remained outside.

Passengers said they were not told why they were not allowed to disembark and they were not allowed to use their phones. 

One passenger said when the doors opened on arrival police got on and said no one could leave. They then walked down the aisle and told passengers to “stay put”. 

They said an armed response crew and fire fighters also boarded the plane. 

When they were allowed off the plane they were stopped again. They said they were “surrounded by fire engines” on the tarmac.

They were allowed to leave around 11.30pm.

Easyjet said the flight was “subject to additional security checks on arrival”.

“The safety and security of its passengers and crew is always EasyJet’s highest priority,” a spokeswoman for the airline said.

Stephen Houston, who was on the flight, told the BBC police had boarded the plane after it landed and they had been “back and forth”.

He said there was “no information on what’s happening from the crew. They seem to be in the dark as well”.

Another passenger said that she got up to get her bags but the “doors opened and police came on.”

“We have been told nothing. The air hostesses know nothing. The captain’s door has been locked since we landed.”

Police and Belfast International Airport have been contacted for a response.

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