Ocado customers complain as Christmas delivery slots book up within hours – The Independent

Ocado customers have taken to social media to complain that they’re unable to find a delivery slot for the Christmas period, which is more than two months away.

On Twitter, shoppers have been avidly sharing their struggles, with several people claiming they tried to book a slot the morning after they were released to no avail.

“Hey @Ocado you could have at least advised us to stay up til midnight to get a Christmas slot,” tweeted one person.

“13 years as a customer and this is the first time we couldn’t get a slot on Christmas Eve or the day before. Tried pre 7am and all gone.”

Another tweeted: “Disappointed Smart Pass customer of six years standing here. Invited to book Christmas delivery and there are no slots already by one minute past midnight. Not good enough. I’m disabled and can’t manage a supermarket shop.”

At Ocado, a Smart Pass membership enables you to various privileges at Ocado, such as discounts, offers, and priority access to Christmas delivery slots.

Customers can sign up for a plan that runs monthly for £8.99, every six months for £49.99 or annually for £89.99.

However, Smart Pass holders weren’t the only loyal customers who had not managed to get a slot.

“I’ve shopped with Ocado for the last 10 years and this is the first year I have not been able to book a slot over Christmas. Will you be releasing any more slots?” one person tweeted.

Many people were disgruntled that they knew others who had booked a Christmas delivery slot when they hadn’t been able to.

“It’s now four days since my neighbour booked her Christmas slot. I’m genuinely disappointed with how poorly this is being handled and surprised that the Company Line is basically sorry not sorry,” one person wrote.

Ocado has been responding to people’s complaints on Twitter from its account, explaining that slots sell out incredibly fast and advising customers to keep an eye on availability.

“We stagger slot releases to manage the rush at Christmas,” they replied to one person who was not able to book a slot.

“Slots sell out very quickly, we’re sorry if you haven’t been able to get a Christmas slot in time, so keep an eye out for the star slot booking button – this will let you know that more slots have become available.”

On its website, Ocado also states that Smart Pass members will be given priority access to Christmas slots “so look out for an email/SMS letting you know slots are available to you”.

Underneath, it adds: “Please note: Christmas is a busy time and slots sell out very quickly, we’re sorry if you haven’t been able to get a Christmas slot in time.”

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