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A Conservative MP has shared  stories of fertility struggles, offering some levity in an otherwise emotional debate about baby loss.

James Sunderland, the MP for Bracknell, told MPs: “I was that man in the day, doing unnatural things in cubicles and clinics across London. I was that man carrying precious cargo on the Tube in oddly-shaped containers.

“I could, and did, deal with the alcohol bans for three months at a time. That was difficult but the loss of caffeine was really tough.”

He recounted how a “mad, deranged woman” once grabbed a piece of white toast he was eating,  and joked that putting chopped Brazil nuts on his cereal has given him “PTSD” to this day. 

“On another occasion, I was on exercise with my regiment… and my phone rang, it was my wife and she said ‘come home honey, I am ovulating’. I can tell you those words would put the fear of God into any man. “

But he urged people to support couples going through the IVF process, saying: “It is about the money, it is about the anxiety, endless cycles in many cases, it is also about the heavy drugs, the mood swings, it is also about the injections in the stomach. It is pretty grim.”

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