Raiders steal couples Audi – and threaten wife at knifepoint for second luxury car 20 minutes later – Birmingham Live

Masked knifemen stole a couple’s Audi – but returned just 20 later and held a knife to a mum’s throat as they demanded the keys to a second high-end motor.

A husband was told his wife would be killed unless he handed over the keys to his Audi SQ7 in the horrifying early-morning raid in Stirchley.

They also brandished the blade at the couple’s ten-year-old son, who was in his bedroom a few metres away, and ordered him to be quiet.

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The masked knifemen drive the luxury motor from the driveway with the son chasing after them

The had already taken the keys to the wife’s Audi A1 before returning for the larger car.

The couple’s two teenager daughters were asleep in another bedroom and their 20-year-old son slept downstairs as the attack took place.

Speaking for the first time, the father – who would not be named- said the incident had a devastating effect on his family.

“I’m really, really angry and frustrated. We are traumatised, he said.

“My son cannot concentrate at school, every time my wife hears a loud noise, she jumps and has physical pain. It’s having a bad impact on us everyday.

“They got me in a weak position, my family were involved and I couldn’t do anything. I just wanted the safety of my family. I want them caught and put to justice.”

The thugs targeted the family’s home twice in the same hourearly on September 15.

The dad, who is in his 40s, said: “They first came around 3.40am. They broke through the side door. They broke the door lock in half.

“They took the keys to my wife’s Audi A1 which was in the coat closet downstairs.”

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At round 4am to 4.20am, two men returned to ransack the house while a third stayed in a car outside.

He said: “They came across my bag which was downstairs and took cash and my wife’s spare car keys.

“They couldn’t find my keys to the Audi SQ7 because I had put it in a special signal blocker box upstairs next to my bedside.

“Two men wearing balaclavas came into my bedroom. My ten-year-old son woke up and he told me afterwards that they were pointing a knife, telling him to be quiet.

“They opened my bedroom door shouting: ‘Where are the keys ?’

“I was in a sleep daze, my wife was screaming at me. I got up and was shocked. They put the knife to my wife threatening her, saying: ‘Give me the keys or I will kill her.’

“I got the keys from the box and gave it to him.

“They ran downstairs. My wife was screaming at my son who was sleeping downstairs. I ran downstairs but the men were already reversing out in the car.

“My son woke up to this, ran outside trying to stop them and tried to punch the window to get to them but he broke his hand instead.”

It has now emerged that another car, believed to be a BMW, was taken around 6am from an address in Hazelwell Fordrough which is also in Stirchley.

Police were keeping an open mind as to whether the crimes were linked.

A spokeswoman from West Midlands Police said two men broke into a family home in Stirchley at around 4am on 15 September.

The force said in a statement: “They threatened the homeowner with a knife from the kitchen and stole his Audi.

“Our priority is to find and arrest the people responsible. If you have information about what happened please contact police via Live Chat on our website or call 101.

“To remain 100 per cent anonymous, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They pay cash rewards of up to £1,000 if the information you provide leads to a positive result.

“Please quote investigation number 20/243660/21 .”

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