Road rage driver tailgates car before slamming on brakes and confronting motorist inside – Manchester Evening News

This is the shocking moment a road rage driver confronted a motorist after tailgating their car.

Video footage captured a red Ford Fiesta following closely behind a black Toyota Aygo as it approached a roundabout on a 60mph road in South Wales.

The terrifying incident, which happened on Friday, September 17 at around 3.30pm is being investigated by police, Wales Online reports.

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In the video, as the two cars are seen to approach the roundabout, the red Fiesta attempts to overtake the black Toyota and continues to drive erratically.

As the two vehicles join the 40mph section of the road, the red Fiesta overtakes the car in front, narrowly missing a HGV before slamming on the brakes and leaving their car.

The driver of the Fiesta is shown approaching the Toyota before attempting to open the driver’s door and reaching inside through the open window.

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: “On Friday, September 17, South Wales Police received reports of a vehicle driving erratically at around 3.30pm on the A4093, Tonyrefail.

“It was reported that the driver of a red Ford Fiesta got out and acted aggressively towards the vehicle behind. This incident is being investigated and anyone with information is asked to contact South Wales Police quoting *328321.”

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