Road rage woman launches drivers keys into busy road after furious row – The Mirror

Dashcam footage caught the moment a disagreement on the road turned violent, with a a woman getting out of her car to tear the keys of the other car out the ignition to throw them into the road

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Birmingham: Woman punches fellow driver in road rage incident

This is the shocking moment a driver seemingly launched another driver’s car keys into the road after a disagreement in Birmingham.

The footage captured on Dudley Road on a fellow driver’s dashcam shows a silver SEAT Leon and a blue Ford jockeying for position on the road, Birmingham Live reports.

But when the SEAT driver seemingly attempts to overtake the Ford, the woman driver jumps out and rains punches on the other driver through the open window of the SEAT.

The driver of Ford then continued to shout and gesticulate at the other driver, also a woman, although audio was not picked up.

Onlookers including a cyclist and pedestrian look on but nobody intervenes in the incident which took place on September 22 at around 8am.

As the incident goes on more words are exchanged before the Ford driver is seen taking the SEAT driver’s keys out before returning to her car and driving away.

The SEAT driver then had to retrieve her keys off the pavement before being able to leave the scene.

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The SEAT driver then had to retrieve her keys off the pavement before being able to leave the scene


Birmingham Live WS)

She is seen pointing and supposedly calling out to the Ford driver as she returns to her car.

The incident took place on the A457 near Birmingham City Hospital.

When contacted, West Midlands Police said the incident had not been reported to them.

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