The cows are lovin it: McDonalds launches McPlant vegan burger – The Times

A vegan McDonald’s burger would once have seemed an oxymoron, an act of sacrilege to fans of the traditional beef patty.

On Wednesday, however, McDonald’s will launch its first plant-based burger, propelling meat substitutes into the mass market. Brands such as Burger King, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Leon already offer a plant-based alternative. Half of UK adults have eaten a meat substitute in the past six months, rising to almost two-thirds among the under-25s, according to the research firm Mintel.

McDonald’s said it had spent three years testing patties, cheese and sauces that did not “compromise on flavour and texture”. The £3.49 McPlant burger has ingredients including pea protein powder, refined coconut oil and apple extract and is coloured with beetroot.

Grainne Allen, director of

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