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Notes on chocolate

Too sweet? Cocoa content not high enough? Nonsense, silence your inner chocolate snob and get stuck in

Back in the day, when I was pregnant with my eldest, I lived on Dairy Milk, and on a fishing trip to Ireland I discovered that Irish Dairy Milk tasted creamier than any other. On another fishing trip to Dorset, this time postpartum, I kept one of its doormat-sized bars in the car door (where no one could see the frenzied teeth marks, or how much I ate of it and how quickly), sustaining me through marathon feeds and sleepless nights.

But it has been years since I’ve had a Dairy Milk, or indeed anything Cadbury’s – all of it generally too sweet and too low in cocoa for me now. That was until my eldest was given a big bar of Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations, £1.80/180g, which contains popping candy and jelly pieces. (I love how teenagers give each other chocolate bars as presents. Adults should do this more often.)

It had been a hard week, for various reasons we need not go into here, and the inner child in me needed comfort and succour. I started with one piece, expecting my correspondent nose to shrivel in disgust. But… the popping candy provided a good diversion and a bit of fun, while the jelly pieces were weird, but I persevered.

I wish I could say it tasted too sweet but, for me, that day, it didn’t. Or the next day, when I texted my youngest, from my office, asking her to bring me her sister’s chocolate bar, which she did with impressive stealth. Funny how one week something can be too sweet to eat, but the next it can be just what you need.

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