The roof caves in on Hut Group – The Times

So, it’s a wonky shed after all. The Hut Group boss Matt Moulding was promising big things with his “inaugural capital markets event”. And no question he delivered. The minute the shindig was over, the shares went into freefall: down 35 per cent to 285p.

The reason? An “attack” by short-sellers. Or that, at least, was the Hut’s version of events. But no one shorts a company without reason. And Moulding, the owner of a 22 per cent stake, has just given his detractors even more ammo. He went into the presentation moaning about the shorts: his explanation for why a business floated at £5 a share in September 2020 and pushing £8 — or a £9.8 billion market value — in January had crashed

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