UK inflation hits highest figure in almost a decade as food prices rise – business live – The Guardian

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UK housing market cools in July

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Primark commits to sustainability plan

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UK’s financial watchdog sets targets for tackling investment scams

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The NHS app is collecting and storing facial verification data from citizens in England in a process which has fuelled concerns about transparency and accountability, in exclusive news reported by my colleague Rob Davies.

The data collection is taking place under a contract with a company linked to Tory donors called iProov, awarded by NHS Digital in 2019, which has yet to be published on the government website.

Privacy campaigners say the opacity of the relationship between London-based iProov and the government raises questions about how securely the information is held, with one saying they were “deeply concerned” about the secrecy surrounding the use of data.

An NHS spokesperson confirmed law enforcement bodies were able to request data, but that a special panel reviewed such requests, taking into account the health service’s duty of confidence.

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John Lewis to recruit 7,000 temporary workers for Christmas

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