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Visa rules to be relaxed

Despite EVCL Chill going into administration does not affect the wider EV Cargo Group, which continues to trade as before.

EVCL Chill’s collapse comes ahead of an expected announcement by the Government that visa rules will be relaxed for foreign HGV drivers to get supply chains moving.

Tony Danker, director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), called for a “temporary and managed” system to bring in foreign workers.

He told BBC Breakfast: “You need to be able to, on a temporary basis, on a fixed and managed basis, bring in skills we need now.”

Mr Danker said the CBI welcomed the Government’s plan to recruit and train British workers, but said: “You can’t turn baggage handlers into butchers overnight or shopkeepers into chefs – you can do it over three to five years maybe, but you can’t do it overnight.”

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