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AutoTrader says Londoners still buying old diesel cars

London residetns are still buying upo old diesel cars – despite this making them liable to oay the ULEZ daily charge of £12.50 per day.

New data released by AutoTrader shows the average five-year-old diesel vehicle increased in price from £13,513 to £18,293 in the last twelve months.

The FTSE 100 online car marketplace said the new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) levy has not put a dent in the prices Londoners are paying.

AutoTrader group commercial director Ian Plummer said: “You might expect there to be a big dip in demand levels and the price of cars that are not compliant with the new ULEZ zone, but that’s not the case. The used car market is so hot that even diesel cars over five years old are continuing to increase in price.

“We’re seeing this not only nationally but also in Greater London where these vehicles will incur a daily charge of £12.50 from Monday. The average price of a used car was £19,018 last week, up almost 24% year-on-year.”

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