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Customers are reporting widespread outages with their Virgin broadband, with some forced to pay more in charges for mobile phone data just to access the internet


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Virgin Media customers have been left without internet this morning after widespread service issues.

Hundreds of customers have reported outages with the internet giant, according to the DownDetector website.

Most of the reported issues were in and around London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.

The majority of the outages were for internet (61%), 12% were for email services and 27% for both.

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Customers also took to Twitter to report issues with their Virgin internet.

Lack of internet is annoying at best, but can mean some customers have been cut off and unable to work – or are even forced to pay more to access the web from their mobiles.

Other Virgin users said the issue had been ongoing for some time.

Meanwhile other customers said their internet was not consistently out of action but instead going up and down “like a fiddler’s elbow”.

A Virgin Media spokesperson denied any connectivity issues.

“There is no national outage affecting our services. A small number of customers may briefly experience disruption to their broadband services this morning as we carry out planned network upgrade works in their local area.”

The website DownDetector reported a spike in cases this morning


Down Detector)

Virgin employees posting on the firm’s Twitter page advised customers to visit its service update page, enter their location and see if there were any specific issues in their region.

On Sunday, there was a spike in cases of Virgin internet going down at around 2am.

Virgin has around 5.4million broadband customers in the UK.

The telecom giant last saw a big spike in reported WiFi outages in April.

At the time, the disruption affected households in most cities in England, although customers in the South East appeared to be the worst affected by connectivity issues.

However, the broadband provider said the outage lasted just 15 minutes.

The problem also struck in March, with reports coming from Glasgow, Cambridgeshire, Manchester, Brighton and London.

Virgin Media was founded in March 2006 after a merger between Virgin Mobile, NTL and Telewest.

Virgin Mobile was the brainchild of Richard Branson, who saw an opportunity to launch a new mobile network in 1999.

Virgin Media later became the first provider to offer home phone, TV, broadband and mobile phone deals in one single package depending on what consumers wanted.

Normally Virgin Media is known for offering super-fast internet. All of its broadband packages are fibre optic as standard, something with other providers tend to ask you to upgrade to.

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