Will Shiba Inu coin reach $1? Expert analysis as token SURGES by 230% – Express

Luis Carranza, the founder of Fayre Labs said is it mathematically impossible for this digital coin to reach $1 “without some drastic crypto event.”

The cryptocurrency expert told Express.co.uk: “A $1 Shiba would have a $1 Quadrillion market cap. Even at one-tenth of a cent, the market cap would be 1 trillion, which is borderline plausible but still extreme.

“BTC market cap is 2T so there are significant market forces making. $0.01 Shiba a long shot.”

Mr Carranza added the floor for Shiba is not zero nor will it ever be.

There is enough infrastructure and support for a slow gradually drop in price with lots of spikes and drops in the price, he added.

With such peaks and drips, money can be made with this digital currency.

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